Our Simple, Human And Holistic Approach Helps People Recover Fast And Live A New Life.


About Jivandeep

Jivandeep is an Indian healthcare organization situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh that assists patients from all over the world seeking quality and economical medical treatment in India. With the use of cutting-edge technology and research-based treatments, we assist patients from initial diagnosis to post-care treatment.


Jivandeep aim’s is to provide better treatment with the latest technology on one platform to anyone suffering from organ failure and related diseases all over the world. Every effort that is being made in the world to find a solution against organ failure, we dream of bringing them on a single platform. So that we all can fight together and give people a chance to live their life in a better world.


Our vision is to lead awareness among our communities about organ transplant and assist patients who are losing their lives and livelihood due to non-availability of the organ and related diseases.

A Note From Ravindra Singh Kshatri

Welcome to our website (Jivandeep) celebrating the journey of hope and resilience. Motivated by a deeply personal loss, we are determined to bring positive change to the lives of those impacted by organ failure. In 2015, although we lost our younger brother Sumit due to kidney failure, we can cherish the memories we had with him and keep him alive in our hearts forever. With a strong determination to make a positive impact, we have set out on a mission to help those who are fighting organ failure and provide them with the necessary support. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has support on their journey. Together, we can honor Sumit’s memory and positively impact the lives of many by saving and improving their well-being. Join us as we work together, hand in hand, making a positive impact by raising awareness, giving guidance, and bringing hope to those who need it. We have the power to make a positive impact and provide comfort to those facing the challenges of organ failure.